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Female Doctor Working On Transparent Monitor.
Female doctor working on transparent monitor.

Medical Device Buzzwords 2016-Cloud Storage of Medical Records

Cloud Storage of Medical Records

Female doctor working on transparent monitor.

Cloud allows central storage of Medical Records, Healthcare Services, and Big Data.

The “Cloud” is simply a metaphor, that represents a group of servers that has unlimited storage, remotely from the user. Well, just think of the “Cloud” as a hard drive that is not on your computer, but is in a remote location, but accessible to you.  You have access to it, but do not have to have the storage space on your device, or may not have the storage on you device for memory-eating programs.

Today, there are many services that let you store your files “in the cloud,” and access them from anywhere.

The deployment of cloud computing will inexpensively facilitate the collaborative application of diagnosis of patients across hospitals and expand services from regional to global.  Cloud computing has the benefits of highly efficient computing performance, cost-effectiveness, and sufficient storage for data delivery and management. Cloud computing technology and mobile technology should be combined because mobile technology requires high speed data delivery and a big data center where data can be delivered, stored, retrieved, and managed securely.

However, are medical records safe in the cloud? Despite its popularity, there are hidden risks and costs. When it comes to medical records, nothing is more important than privacy. After all, that stuff is really personal. So the growing trend of storing all kinds of data – including medical records – in the cloud, is troubling.

According to a MobiHealthNews article by Jonah Comstock, “Healthcare providers are turning to cloud-based data storage because of the promise of significant savings.” But the cloud isn’t necessarily as secure as other forms of storage. And because providers know that, they’ve got to spend extra money on security, an expenditure that can offset cost savings.” When It comes to medical records in the cloud, security is not optional, it is obligatory.