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Medical Image and Video Processing

Med-Dev Design is specialized in image and video processing for the medical device industry.medical-image-video-processing

We develop client tailored image and video processing applications from scratch and for any operating system, or integrate our solutions in existing systems. We also help our clients solving performance and quality issues in their software products.



Our expertise includes:

Video Processing:

  • Live video from any camera
  • Live video from external system such as Ultrasound
  • Live streaming to remote client
  • Low latency
  • High frequency
  • High resolution
  • Video recording
  • Video playback
  • Video compression
  • Video encryption
  • Automatic or manual contrast and brightness
  • Automatic illumination
  • Color processing
  • Bayer de-mosaic
  • White balance
  • Image enhancement
  • Video tracking
  • Supporting wide range of file formats
  • Camera calibration
  • Overlays
  • Tearing fix

Image Processing:

  • Supporting wide range of file formats including DICOM
  • Image enhancement
  • Automatic or manual contrast and brightness
  • Zooming
  • Image gallery
  • Image annotations and measurements
  • image compression
  • image encryption
  • segmentation
  • OCR
  • Printing